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Wood Flooring new

Posted by: liuyi on 6/15/2016 9:32 PM

<p>WPC is a new material, which consists of wood flour, plastic and some chemical ingredients stirred extrusion, it is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, extruded WPC used to do more into the floor.</p>
<p>Currently, the market is mainly occupied floor marble, tiles, wood flooring, which is still the most popular wood flooring, is its outdoors, its natural wood material, natural beauty, giving a return to nature, a return to basics feeling, whether it has a unique texture, but does not have sources of pollution, and some aromatic tincture timber, issued wholesome aroma sedative<a href="">Pvc Soft Marine Decking Supplier</a> .</p>
<p>But even if the wooden floor to say there are so many benefits, but the final analysis, it also has many drawbacks and shortcomings, such as the wind and rain tends to mold type, easy modification of thermal expansion and contraction, made of wood need to go through a long process, from cutting down trees to make the floor, where it takes more manpower and resources is complicated, and after the floor made for beauty, but also a lot of brush on a coat of paint. The most important is that it is a significant loss of timber, cut down timber, damage the environment<a href="">Low Maintenance Interior Wpc Decking</a>.</p>
<p>In view of the above, this new material - wood was born. For consumers, wood floors are energy-saving and environment-friendly products, not only good control harmful emissions, but also be able to do so on the ground waterproof.</p>
<p><a href="">High Quality Pvc Vinyl Fencing Wholesale</a> For designers, this new wood flooring materials, both natural affinity of wood, and a model, a variety of colors to meet the designer novelty, difference of design requirements. For decoration companies, wood flooring easy to install, can be significant savings in material costs during the construction, labor costs and cost schedule. Duration advantage can improve the rate of successful project vote, while there are more opportunities to undertake other projects in advance, for enterprises to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture, corrosion, deformation characteristics can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the completion of the project.</p>

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